11-04-2007 18-07-4511-04-2007 19-30-0611-04-2007 18-24-3511-04-2007 18-46-3411-04-2007 18-51-4411-04-2007 19-04-3111-04-2007 19-11-2111-04-2007 20-53-3011-04-2007 19-22-14
1.00-32 1.00-32 1.00-32 1.00-32 1.00-32 1.00-32 1.00-32 1.00-32 1.00-32
Test NoDescription
1skipokokskipokfailskipokfailTest setting some basic types to null
3okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSimple menu test
4okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSimple PROMPT
6okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskiptesting fgl_drawbox
8okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSimple ERROR statement
9okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipCompilation and linking using GLOBALS
10okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSimple combination of UI commands
11okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipBasic UI exercising
12okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDecimal handling
13okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskip4GL comparison testing
14skipokokokokokfailokokSimple foreach handling
15okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipPrompt testing
21okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipPretty empty report
22okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipInput array testing
23okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipinput without defaults
24okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipFairly comprehensive Input test
25okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipAnother simple report - with page header and page trailer
26okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMore input array testing
27okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipbefore field/next field in an input
28okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipVery basic datetime arithmetic
29okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTesting for memory corruption (obsolete <)
30okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipChecking field values in before clauses in Input array
31okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipINPUT from a wordwrap field
32okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipAnother simple report test
33okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipNext field in before row
34okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipexit input in input array
35okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipCheck for an early arithmetic bug
36skipokokokokokokokfailTest a foreach when an open has already been done
64okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSome report GROUP , header and footer checks
68skipokokokfailokokokokNull string date/datetime checking
72skipokokokokokfailokokSimple report checking when using ORDER BY (not ORDER EXTERNAL..)
73skipokokokokokokokokdeclare.. into.. fetch (no var)
76skipokokfailokokfailokokBasic DB exercising of Datetimes
80skipokokskipokokskipokokSome simple form handling
91skipokokskipokokskipokokOld makefile
95skipokokokokfailfailfailfailUPDATE ... WHERE CURRENT OF..
98skipokokskipfailfailskipfailokSome basic testing of sqlerrd[2] and sqlerrd[6] (SERIAL)
99skipokokokokokokokokTest of Aubit4GL extension - IN and EXISTS as 4GL expression
100skipokokskipokokskipokokinsert cursor (in a similar way to an order by report)
101skipokokokokokokokokTests for NOTFOUND status code after select statement executed on empty temporary table.
102okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest for starmasked display when displaying numerical value To field too short to show all numbers.
103okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipGeraman characters (umlauts) test. Needs explicit LANG setting (provided by makefile).
104okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipCONSTRUCT BY NAME without FROM clause.
106skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailSELECT FIRST and SQL - END SQL block
107skipokokokskipokokokokUNLOAD TO with SELECT statement and WHERE part
108skipokokokokokokokokTesting for invalid file name in UNLOAD
109skipokokskipokfailskipfailokTest for core dump when opening a cursor
110skipokokokokokfailokokTest for core dump in LOAD FROM
111okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipchannel functions - 4js Aubit and Querix only
112okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipOpening resource files from DBPATH
113skipokokskipokokokokokTest for invalid cursor type & name detection that was causing : Warning - cursor FLUSH was previously thought to be a SELECT cursor but now turns out to be an INSERT cursor.You will need to add PRAGMA EMULATE INSERT CURSOR FOR FLUSH Note that this tes
114skipokokokokokokokokTest for declaring insert cursor with static (not variable) value in insert cursor declaration This was causing Aubit to print EC code (INFORMIX dialect) with missing opening left curly bracket.
115skipokokokokokokokokStatement re-use without closing
202okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMultiple input statements
203okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskip4Jstyle dynamic array handling
204okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest of the 'ord' function
205okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSimple test of 'showhelp' function
206skipokokokokokokokokSimple test of what happens when a row is not returned from a select
207skipokokokokfailfailfailfailThis test checks the validity of date/datetime comparisons Its more for the SQL side than 4GL..
208okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis program checks for the validity of the null test for integers This was known to be wrong for one platform and has been changed - This is to pick it up if it happens again..
209okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis test checks that the return key moves down in a display array
210okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipthis test detects whether the prompt statement properly handles non-ascii keypresses when 'for char' is used
211okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipthis tests the field validation processing for a few datatypes
212skipokokokfailokokokokVALIDATE check
213okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis test checks that a format of ####,### works correctly MID:407
214okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipCheck last record when a row is inserted into an input array (MID408)
215okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis checks the field validation processing for Input Array
216okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTests an empty report can be compiled - don't need to check the output...
217okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskip_variable(...) handling test - also tests shared library creation
218okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipONC RPC client/server test
219okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest for screen flickering when RUN'ing many sequential shell statements
220okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis is a test of menu flattening
221okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis tests the scroll command
222okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis is a check for datatypes within a form (MID 410)
223okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis test exercises the 'scroll' command
224okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis tests that a date + integer = datetime works properly (MID 425)
225okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis tests the return type for some date/integer arithmetic
226okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis tests embedded ^L (FF) in the 4gl code
227skipokokokokokokfailokThis is a test to check some bug fixes reported by Art Kagel
228okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis is a short test for the associative arrays
229okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis test checks that the comments are removed after an input/input array
230okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis is a test to ensure that the message line and prompt lines are calculated correctly
231okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis tests the functionality of PgDn within a display array This can be modified by setting A4GL_SCROLLTOEND=Y (in which case the test will fail)
232okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis is a test of resetting the current window within an input statement
233okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis is a test to ensure the current window is set within an Input Array/Display Array
234skipokokskipokokskipokokThis is a test of basic Insert Cursor/PUT functionality
235okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTests input by name ... without defaults
236okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis is a test of the CLEAR SCREEN statement - to ensure it does a current window is screen first
237okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTests variable manupulation within report
238okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTests before field, after field, on key and errorlog
239okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest of compiling a form into an executable (using fcompile -c)
240failskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis is a test of the USING keyword
241okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis is a of some after field datatype validation
242okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis is a simple test for some UI elements
244skipokokokokokokokokThis is a test to check for before/after fields in a construct MID 459
245okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTests skipping over a display only field in an input array MID 471
246okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis tests the RETURN and TAB keys when pressed on the last editable field - with a noentry field after it in an input array
247okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipCheck that a prompt line is removed correctly during input
248okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDECIMAL assignments test
249okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipNo idea what this is testing Maybe GUI related. No run-time checking
250okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipdisplay a value which is too large to fit
251okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipAubits non-comments {! .. !} treated as comments by other 4GL compilers but not by Aubit4GL
252okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTabs vs. spaces in form file.
253okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTests the menu compilers and decompiler
254okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis tests the form compilers ability to compile a form with tabs in it
255skipokokokokokokokokThis tests the ability to create a table with a MONEY field
256skipokokokokokokokokchecks a select with an order by with into temp - tests whether STRIP_ORDER_BY_INTO_TEMP is required eg for use with postgres
257skipokokokokfailokokokThis is a test for MID 512
258skipokokokokfailokokokTests mantis bug 516 (private bug) ecpg crashed on declare cursor for select statement - the select statement has an 'into clause' of 3 members of a structure. It works fine when the number is less than 3.
259okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis tests the compilers ability to recognise numbers specified with an 'E' (like 1E3 = 1000)
260okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest for mantis bug 509 - input array handling with noentry fields
261okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis is a test for mantis ID 531 - conditional colours in a form not working
262okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest relating to mantis bug 529 - after field not triggered at the last row
263okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipOpen and display form, checking screen display and spacing.
264okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis is a test for MID 534 - In comparing a numeric field with a char field, the comparison would fail if the char length is 6 or 8.
265okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis is a basic test of comparing datetimes (MID 537)
266okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest for MID 511
267okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskiptest for mantis id 538 - problem with decimal conversions
268okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipComplex INPUT ARRAY test with ON KEY.
269skipokokokokokokokokTests if 'display at' correctly resets the status variable
270skipokokokfailfailfailokfailA quick test of the define variable like dbname:tablename.column and record like dbname:tablename.\<
271okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis is a test for MID 549 - assignment of an invalid value to a datetime
272skipokokokokokokokokThis checks 'continue construct' functionality
273skipokokokokokokokokThis checks that a fields default value (as defined in the form) is not used during a construct
274skipokokokokokokokokThis tests that an interrupted construct statement does NOT set the variable to 1=1
275okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipARRAY value assign from function call. No run-time checking
276okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipBasic test of some error handling (for obtaining window sizes) - also end of line clearing
277okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipBasic test of some error handling (for obtaining window sizes) - also end of line clearing
278okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis is a test of handling of multi occurences of the same name for a fieldname in a form
279okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSome date/datetime/ interval checking
280okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDatetime arithmetic problems mantis bug 566 (private) There are 2 problems with datetime arithmetic: 1. In doing substraction on a datetime variable which is the 1st day of a month, the result is always a null. 2. In doing addition or subtraction on a
281okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest NULL in function call as a parameter
282skipokokokokokokokokThis is a test to see if a page header is run at the correct point in time. At the time of submitting this test - the declare isn't performed until something is printed in another block and hence isn't available in the on every row. Workaround is to pr
283okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipForm file input with 'options input no wrap'
284okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis tests an issue with using the insert key when data is already in the field
285okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipNULL in the function call
286skipokokskipskipokskipfailfailThis is a test for the UNLOAD bug reported
287skipokokskipskipfailskipfailfailAnother UNLOAD test
288okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskiptests show option all - mid 612
289skipokokokokokokokokQuick test on using foreach on a declare which used variables
290skipokokokokokokokokThis tests a problem with the use of datetime variables (reported by Fernando Ortiz)
291okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipQuick test of display at with nulls
296okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis tests private bug 587 - upshift on a single character field with include not working consistantly
297okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTests the implementation of the time function
298skipokokokokokokokokThis is a sample 4gl program which connects to a db specified via a variable and selects into an array
299okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipdifferences with display array - mid 613
300okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipA simple Hello World program
301skipokokokokokokokokA program with database, a globals file and globals define
302skipokokokokokokokokA database definition, a globals include file, modulars variables and a function.
303skipokokokokokokokokA database definition and modular defines
304okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipAn empty 4gl file
305okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipEmpty main and empty function
306okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipGlobal includes and global defines mixed
307okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipA global include, global define, modular and function
308okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipModular defines and a simple function
309skipokokokokokokokokJust a database statement
310okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipWith just a simple function
311okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipJust a globals include
312okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipJust a global define
313okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipJust a simple main function
314okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipJust modular variables
315okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipJust three global includes
316okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTwo simple modular variables with reserved name identifier
317okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipA simple call of a function without parameters or return values
318okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipCall with one parameter
319okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipCall with several parameters
320okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipCall with let and one return value
321okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipCall with several return values
322okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipA call with several parameters and return values
323okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipA simple case with values on WHEN
324okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipAn empty case
325okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipA case with expressions on WHEN
326okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipA case with otherwise
327skipokokokokokokokokDatabase inside function
328okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSimple for loop
329okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipFor loop with step
330okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipFor loop with exit for
331skipokokokokokokokokFor loop with exit for
332skipokokokokokokokokForeach loop with into one var
333skipokokokokokokokokForeach loop with into two var(s)
334skipokokokokokokokokForeach loop with CONTINUE FOREACH
335skipokokokokokokokokForeach loop with CONTINUE FOREACH
336okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipEmpty foreach loop
337okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipLabel and Goto
338okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSimple while
339okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipEmpty WHILE loop. No run-time error checking implemented
340okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipWHILE loop with EXIT WHILE. No run-time error checking implemented
341okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipWHILE loop with CONTINUE. No run-time error checking implemented
342okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSimple IF. No run-time checking.
343okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipEmpty IF statement. No run-time checking.
344okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipIF...ELSE statement. No run-time checking.
345okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipIF statement with empty ELSE. No run-time checking.
346okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipNested IF. No run-time checking.
347okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipEmpty MAIN block - NOT SURE WHAT IS REPORT DOING THEN.... No run-time checking.
348okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipReport with FORMAT EVERY ROW. No run-time checking.
349okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipAll combinations of START REPORT. No run-time checking.
350okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipREPORT with one parameter. No run-time checking.
351okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipREPORT with 2 parameters. No run-time checking.
352skipokokokokokokokokDATABASE statement inside of the FUNCTION block No run-time checking
353skipokokokokokokokokDATABASE as global declaration and in function block No run-time checking.
354skipokokokokokokokokDATABASE in MAIN block. No run-time checking.
355okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDEFER INTERRUPT in MAIN block. No run-time checking.
356okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDEFER QUIT in MAIN block. No run-time checking.
357skipokokokokokokokokWHENEVER ERROR STOP in function, but not called from MAIN - FIXME< No run-time checking.
358skipokokokokokokokokWHENEVER ERROR CALL test - not called from main - FIXME No run-time checking.
359skipokokokokokokokokWHENEVER ERROR GOTO- not called from MAIN - FIXME No run-time checking.
360skipokokokokokokokokWHENEVER WARNING STOP - not called from MAIN - FIXME No run-time checking.
361skipokokokokokokokokWHENEVER WARNING CALL - not called from MAIN - FIXME No run-time checking.
362skipokokokokokokokokWHENEVER WARNING GOTO - not called from MAIN No run-time checking.
363skipokokokokokokokokWHENEVER ANY ERROR - not called from MAIN - FIXME No run-time checking.
364skipokokokokokokokokWHENEVER SQLWARNING - not called from MAIN - fixme No run-time checking.
365skipokokokokokokokokWHENEVER SQLERROR - not called from main. No run-time error checking.
366skipokokokokokokokokWHENEVER NOT FOUND - not called from MAIN - FIXME No run-time checking.
367skipokokokokokokokokWHENEVER ERROR CONTINUE - not called from MAIN - FIXME No run-time checking.
368okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipsimple INITIALIZE. No run-time checking.
369okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipINITIALIZE list. No run-time checking.
370skipokokokokokokokokINITIALIZE record. No run-time checking.
371skipokokokokokokokokSimple INITIALIZE ... LIKE ... No run-time checking.
372skipokokokokokokokokList Initialize like with table
373skipokokokokokokokokList Initialize like with dot-star notation
374skipokokokokokokokokSimple validate
375skipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipValidate list - TEST IS INVALID (see source code)
376skipokokokfailokokokokValidate with 'star' notation
377notdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdoneValidate with table qualifier - TEST IS INVALID (see source code)
378okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSimple locate in memory
379okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSimple locate in file
380okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipList locate in memory
381okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipList locate in file
382okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSimple open window dimensioned
383okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipOpen window dimensioned with attributes
384okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSimple open window with form
385okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipOpen window with form and attributes
386okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipOpen form
387okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipClose window
388okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipClose form
389okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSimple sleep from constant
390okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSleep from variable
391okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSleep from integer expression
392okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipCurrent window is window
393okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipCurrent window is screen
394okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipClear window with name
395okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipclear screen
396okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipClear form!
397okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipClear single field
398okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipClear several fields
399okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipError single string
400okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipError with variable
401okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipError with list
402okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipError with all attributes
403okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSimple display form
404okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDisplay form with attributes
405okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMessage with string
406okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMessage with variable
407okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMessage with comma separated list
408okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMessage with attributes
409okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSingle comment line OPTION
410okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSingle Error line OPTION
411okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipForm line OPTION
412okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMENU LINE OPTION
413okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMESSAGE LINE OPTION
414okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipPROMPT LINE OPTION
415okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipACCEPT KEY OPTION
416okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDELETE KEY OPTION
417okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipINSERT KEY OPTION
418okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipNEXT KEY OPTION
419okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipPREVIOUS KEY OPTION
420okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipHELP KEY OPTION
421okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDISPLAY ATTRIBUTE OPTION
422okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipINPUT ATTRIBUTE OPTION
423okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipINPUT WRAP OPTION
424okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipINPUT NOWRAP OPTION
425okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipFIELD ORDER UNCONSTRAINED OPTION
426okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipFIELD ORDER CONSTRAINED OPTION
427okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSQL INTERRUPT ON OPTION
428okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSQL INTERRUPT OFF OPTION
429okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSimple propmpt
430okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipPrompt with string
431okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipPrompt with variable
440okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMENU with title in a varible. No run-time checking.
441okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMENU with NEXT OPTION. No run-time checking.
442okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMENU with SHOW/HIDE OPTION. No run-time checking.
443notdoneskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipNo test files - FIXME
444notdoneskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipFIXME - no test files
445okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMENU with CONTINUE. No run-time checking.
446notdoneskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipFIXME - no test files
447okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMENU with COMMAND KEY. No run-time checking.
448okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMENU with HELP. No run-time checking.
449okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMENU without COMMAND descriptions. No runtime checking.
450okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMENU with empty COMMAND. No run-time checking.
451okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMENU with BEFORE MENU. No run-time checking.
452okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipComplex MENU statement. No run-time checking.
453okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMENU with HIDE/SHOW ALL. No run-time checking.
454okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSimple DISPLAY without AT. No run-time checking.
455okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDISPLAY with char variable. No run-time checking.
456okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDISPLAY without AT - all variable types. No run-time checking.
457okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDISPLAY with COLUMN. No run-time checking.
458okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSimple DISPLAY AT with PROMPT. No run-time checking.
459okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDIAPLAY AT with variable and PROMPT. No run-time checking.
460okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDISPLAY AT coordinate based on expresion. No run-time checking.
461okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDISPLAY AT with all ATTRIBUTEs. No run-time checking.
462okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDISPLAY with CLIPPED. No run-time checking.
463okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDISPLAY with USING. No run-time checking.
464okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDISPLAY with ASCII. No run-time checking.
465okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSimple DISPLAY to a form field. No run-time checking.
466okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDISPLAY with BY NAME and one variable. No run-time checking.
467okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDISPLAY BY NAME with list of variables. No run-time checking.
468okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipINPUT BY NAME with WITHOUT DEFAULTS. No run-time checking.
469okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDISPLAY TO on form with list. No run-time checking.
470okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDISPLAY TO form fields with all ATTRIBUTES. No run-tiem checking.
471okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDISPLAY BY NAME with all ATTRIBUTES. No run-time checking.
472okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSimple DISPLAY ARRAY with OPTIONS and set_count(). No run-time checking.
473okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDISPLAY ARRAY with all ATTRIBUTES. No run-time checking.
474okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDISPLAY ARRAY with ON KEY. No run-time checking.
475okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipComplex DISPLAY ARRAY. No run-time checking.
476skipokokokokokokokokDEFINE LIKE - all combinations. No run-tme checking.
477skipokokokokokokokokDEFINE LIKE with dot-star notation. No run-time checking.
478skipokokokokokokokokDEFINE RECORD LIKE with qualifier - all combinations. No run-time checking.
479okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDEFINE - all combinations of simple data types. No run-time checking.
480okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDEFINE ARRAY - simple types. No run-time checking.
481okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDEFINE ARRAY ... OF RECORD. No run-time checking.
482okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDEFINE ARRAY with TEXT/BYTE LOB's. No run-time checking.
483okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDEFINE RECORD with one variable. No run-time checking.
484notdoneskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipFIXME - missing test files
485okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDEFINE RECORD of records (nested). No run-time checking.
486okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSCROLL down one field in DISPLAY ARRAY. No run-time checking.
487okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSCROLL DOWN in DISPLAY ARRAY with fiels list. No run-time checking.
488okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSCROLL UP in DISPLAY ARRAY with field list
489okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSCROLL in DISPLAY ARRAY several lines UP/DOWN No run-time checking.
490okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSCROLL in DISPLAY ARRAY by variable number of lines UP/DOWN. No run-time checking.
491notdoneskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipFIXME-missing test files.
492okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSimple RUN. No run-time checking.
493okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipRUN with variable. No run-time checking.
494okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipRUN with return variable. No run-time checking.
495okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipRUN WITHOUT WAITING - not called from MAIN. No run-time checking.
496okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipINPUT ARRAY with AFTER INPUT and BEFORE ROW. No run-time checking.
497okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSimple data types assignment and display. No error checking
498okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSimple INPUT BY MANE in form. No error checking - no
499okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipInput from with list.
500okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipINPUT BY NAME - one field. No run-time checking.
501okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipINPUT BY NAME with list. No run-time checking.
502okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipINPUT WITHOUT DEFAULTS ... FROM. No run-time checking.
503okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipINPUT BY NAME WITHOUT DEFAULTS. No run-time checking.
504okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipINPUT BY NAME WTIHOUT DEFAULTS and all ATTRIBUTES. No run-time checking.
505okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipINPUT BY NAME with HELP number. No run-time checking.
506okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipINPUT BY NAME with AFTER INPUT. No run-time checking.
507okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipINPUT BY NAME ... WITHOUT DEFAULTS No run-time checking.
508okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipINPUT BY NAME with BEFORE FIELD. No run-time checking.
509okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipINPUT BY NAME with BEFORE FIELD. No run-time checking.
510okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipINPUT BY NAME with BEFORE INPUT. No run-time checking.
511notdoneskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipFIXME - nothing in MAIN block
512okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipComplex INPUT block. No run-time checking.
513skipokokokokokokokokSimple CONSTRUCT. No run-time checking.
514skipokokokokokokokokCONDSTRUCT on one field. No run-time checking.
515skipokokokokokokokokCONSTRUCT on field list. No run-time checking.
516skipokokokokokokokokCONSTRUCT BY NAME with all attributes. No run-time checking.
517skipokokokokokokokokCONSTRUCT BY NAME with HELP No run-time checking.
518skipokokokokokokokokCONSTRUCT with dot-star notation No run-time checking.
519skipokokokokokokokokCONSTRUCT with BEFORE CONSTRUCT. No run-time checking.
520skipokokokokokokokokCONSTRUCT with AFTER CONSTRUCT. No run-time checking.
521skipokokokokokokokokCONSTRUCT with BEFORE FIELD. No run-time checking.
522skipokokokokokokokokCONSTRUCT with BEFORE FIELD list No run-time checking.
523skipokokokokokokokokCONSTRUCT with AFTER FIELD. No run-time checking.
524skipokokokokokokokokCONSTRUCT with AFTER FIELD list. No run-time checking.
525skipokokokokokokokokCONSTRUCT with ON KEY. No run-time checking.
526skipokokokokokokokokCONSTRUCT with flow control (NEXT FIELD,CONTINUE...). No run-time checking.
527notdoneskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipFIXME-missing test files.
528skipokokokokokokokokSimple CREATE and DROP table. No run-time checking.
529notdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdoneFIXME - duplicate of test 528
530skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailCREATE TABLE with database.owner specified. No run-time checking.
531skipokokskipokokskipokfailCREATE TABLE with all (Informix) data types. No run-time checking.
532skipokokskipokokskipokokCREATE TABLE with NOT NULL. No run-time checking.
533skipokokokokokokokokCREATE TEMP TABLE. No run-time checking.
534skipokokskipokokskipokokCREATE TABLE ... WITH NO LOG No run-time checking.
535skipokokskipokskipskipfailfailCREATE TABLE with storage information. No run-time checking.
536skipokokokokokokokokCREATE TABLE with PRIMARY KEY clause. No run-time checking. NOTE: fails with -ifx-p.
537skipokokokokokokokokCREATE TABLE with 2 columns and PRIMARY KEY. No run-time checking. NOTE: fails with -ifx-p.
538skipokokokokokokokokCREATE TABLE with UNIQUE clause. No run-time checking.
539skipokokokokokokokokCREATE TABLE with 2 columns and UNIQUE/DISTINCT clause. No run-time checking.
540skipokokokokokokokokCREATE TABLE with FOREIGN key. No run-time checking. NOTE: fails with -ifx-p.
541skipokokskipokokskipokokCREATE TABLE with two columns and FOREIGN KEY with REFERENCES clause. No run-time checking. NOTE: fails with -ifx-p.
542skipokokokokokokokokCREATE TABLE with CHECK clause. No run-time checking. NOTE: fails with -ifx-p.
543skipokokokokokokokfailCREATE TABLE with DEFAULT clause. No run-time checking. NOTE: fails with -ifx-p.
544skipokokokokokokokokCREATE TABLE with DISTINCT/UNIQUE clause. No run-time checking.
545notdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdoneCREATE/DROP DATABASE. Test is invalid - Aubit refuses to compile DROP DATABASE statement.
546notdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdoneDROP DATABASE - test is invalid - see test #545
547notdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdoneCREATE/DROP DATABASE with Informix On-Line specific sintax. Test is invalid - see test #545.
548notdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdoneCREATE/DROP DATABASE with Informix SE specific syntax. Test is invalid - see test #545.
549skipokokskipokokokokokDATABSE statement with complex names. No run-time checking.
550skipokokokokokokokokOpen DATABASE with EXCLUSIVE clause. No run-time checking.
551skipokokfailokfailokfailokSimple ALTER TABLE. No run-time checking.
552skipokokskipokfailskipfailokALTER TABLE with ADD clause. No run-time ckecking.
553skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailALTER TABLE with DROP clause. No run-time checking.
554skipokokskipokskipskipfailfailALTER TABLE with ADD CONSTRAINT clause. No run-time checking. NOTE: fails to compile with -ifx-p.
555skipokokskipokskipskipfailfailALTER TABLE with DROP CONSTRAINT clause. No run-time ckecking. NOTE: fails to compile with -ifx-p.
556skipokokskipokskipskipfailfailALTER TABLE with NEXT SIZE clause. No run-time checking.
557skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailALTER TABLE with LOCK MODE clause. No run-time checking.
558skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailALTER TABLE ... ADD with all (Informix) types. No run-time checking. NOTE: fails to compile with -ifx-p.
559skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailALTER TABLE ADD with BEFORE clause. No run-time checking.
560skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailALTER TABLE with MODIFY (all Informix types). No run-time checking. NOTE: fails to compile with -ifx-p.
561skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailALTER TABLE ... MODIFY with column CONSTRAINT clause. No run-time checking. NOTE: fails to compile with -ifx-p.
562skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailALTER TABLE ... ADD with column CONSTRAINT clause. No run-time checking. NOTE: fails to compile with -ifx-p.
563skipokokokokokokokokSimple CREATE INDEX. No run-time checking.
564skipokokokokokokokokCREATE INDEX on several columns. No run-time checking.
565skipokokokokokokokokCREATE UNIQUE INDEX. No run-time checking.
566skipokokskipokokskipokokCREATE CLUSTER INDEX. No run-time checking.
567skipokokokokokokokokCREATE INDEX with ASC clause. No run-time checking.
568skipokokokokokokokokCREATE INDEX with DESC clause. No run-time checking.
569skipokokskipokskipskipfailfailComplex CREATE INDEX. No run-time checking. NOTE: fails to compile with -ifx-p.
570skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailCREATE SYNONYM statement. No run-time checking.
571skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailCREATE PUBLIC SYNONYM database statement. No run-time checking. NOTE: fails to compile with -ifx-p.
572skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailCREATE PRIVATE SYNONYM database statement. No run-time checking. NOTE: fails to compile with -ifx-p.
573skipokokskipokokokokokCREATE SYNONYM with full name.
574skipokokokokokokokfailDROP INDEX database statement. No run-time checking.
575skipokokskipokokokokokDROP INDEX with full name.
576skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailDROP SYNONYM database statement. No run-time checking.
577skipokokskipokokokokokDROP SYNONYM with full name.
578skipokokokokokokokokDROP TABLE database statement. No run-time checking.
579skipokokskipokokokokokDROP TABLE with full names.
580skipokokokokokokokfailDROP INDEX database statement. No run-time checking.
581skipokokskipokokokokokDROP INDEX with full name.
582okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipPREPARE database statement from variable. No run-time checking.
583okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipPREPARE database statement from string. No run-time checking.
584skipokokskipfailfailskipfailokEXECUTE prepared database statement. No run-time checking.
585skipokokokokokokokokEXECUTE with USING clause. No run-time checking.
586skipokokokokokokokokEXECUTE INTO with USING clause. No run-time checking. NOTE: compiles, but Aubit library code missing.
587skipokokskipfailfailskipfailokFREE prepared and executed statement. No run-time checking.
588skipokokokokokokokokFREE a cursor. No run-time checking.
589okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipFREE defined LOB (TEXT/BYTE). No run-time checking..
590skipokokokokokfailokokSET EXPLAIN ON database statement. No run-time checking. Note that this test may fail because of Informix configuration issues. For example, if your oninit permissions look like this: -rwSr-sr-- 1 informix informix 8497828 Mar 3 2002 /opt/informix/bin/
591skipokokokokokfailokokSET EXPLAIN OFF database statement. No run-time checking.
592skipokokokokokokokokCREATE VIEW database statement. No run-time checking.
593skipokokskipokokokokokCREATE VIEW with full names.
594skipokokokokfailokokfailSimple UPDATE STATISTICS. No run-time checking.
595skipokokokokfailokokfailLOCK TABLE with SHARED MODE. No run-time checking.
596skipokokokokfailokokfailLOCK TABLE with EXCLUSIVE MODE. No run-time checking.
597skipokokskipokokokokokLOCK TABLE with full names.
598skipokokokokfailokokfailUNLOCK TABLE database statement. No run-time checking.
599skipokokskipokokokokokUNLOCK TABLE with full names.
600skipokokskipokokokokokDROP TRIGGER database statement. Does not compile even with -ifx-p so probably invalid.
602skipokokokokokokokokDROP VIEW database statement. No run-time checking.
603skipokokskipokokokokokDROP VIEW with full names.
605skipokokokokfailokokokRENAME TABLE database statement. No run-time checking.
606skipokokokokfailokokfailRENAME COLUMN database statement. No run-time checking.
607skipokokskipokokokokokRENAME COLUMN with full names.
609skipokokokokokokokokCREATE VIEW ... AS SELECT database statement. No run-time checking.
610skipokokokokfailokokokCREATE VIEW ... AS SELECT with named columns. No run-time checking.
611skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailCREATE VIEW with CHECK OPTION. No run-time checking.
612skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailComplex CREATE VIEW database statement. No run-time checking.
613skipokokokokokokokokSimple INSERT. No run-time checking.
614skipokokokokokokokokINSERT without naming columns. No run-time checking.
615skipokokokokokokokokINSERT INTO ... SELECT FROM database statement. No run-time checking.
616skipokokokokokokokokINSERT from procedure (Informix specific) No run-time checking. SEE NOTE IN THE CODE.
618skipokokokokokokokokSimple DELETE database statement. No run-time checking.
619skipokokokokokokokokDELETE with WHERE clause. No run-time checking.
620skipokokfailokfailokfailfailDELETE with WHERE CURRENT OF clause. No run-time checking.
621skipokokfailokfailokokokDELETE with sub-query No run-time checking.
622skipokokfailokfailokokokDELETE with EXISTS sub-query. No run-time checking.
623skipokokfailokfailokfailokDELETE ... WHERE ALL/SOME/ANY. No run-time checking.
624skipokokfailokokokokokDELETE with IS NOT NULL. No run-time checking.
625skipokokokokfailokokokComplex DELETE database statement. No run-time checking.
626skipokokokokokfailokokLOAD FROM ... INSERT INTO statement. No run-time checking.
627skipokokokokokfailokokLOAD FROM ... INSERT INTO with file name in variable. No run-time checking.
628skipokokokokokfailokokLOAD FROM with DELIMITER clause. No run-time checking.
629skipokokokfailfailfailokokLOAD FROM with INSERT statement in variable. No run-time checking.
630skipokokokokokfailokokLOAD FROM ... INSERT INTO with one column. No run-time checking.
631skipokokokokokfailokokLOAD FROM ... INSERT INTO with several columns. No run-time checking.
632skipokokokokokfailokokSimple UNLOAD TO statement. No run-time checking.
633skipokokokokokfailokokUNLOAD TO with file name in variable. No run-time checking.
634skipokokokokokfailokokUNLOAD with specified DELIMITER. No run-time checking.
635skipokokokokokfailokokUNLOAD TO with query string in variable. No run-time checking.
636skipokokokokokfailokokComplex UNLOAD statement. No run-time checking.
637skipokokokokokokokokSimple UPDATE database statement. No run-time checking.
638skipokokskipokokskipokokSET LOCK MODE TO WAIT directive. No run-time checking.
639skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailSET LOCK MODE TO WAIT with seconds specified. No run-time checking.
640skipokokskipokokskipokokSET LOCK MODE TO NOT WAIT directive. No run-time checking.
642skipokokskipokokskipfailokSET ISOLATION TO DIRTY READ directive. No run-time checking. NOTE: requires transaction support.
643skipokokskipokokskipokokSET ISOLATION TO CURSOR STABILITY directive. No run-time checking.
644skipokokskipokokskipfailokSET ISOLATION TO REPEATABLE READ directive. No run-time checking.
645skipokokfailokfailokfailfailGRANT TO ... PUBLIC database statement. No run-time checking.
646skipokokfailokfailokfailfailGRANT ... TO user database statement. No run-time checking.
647skipokokokokfailokokfailGRANT table privileges with TO PUBLIC clause. No run-time checking.
648skipokokokokfailokfailfailGRANT on table to user list. No run-time checking.
649skipokokokokfailokfailfailGRANT INSERT on table to user. No run-time checking.
650skipokokokokfailokfailfailGRANT DELETE on table to user list. No run-time checking.
651skipokokokokfailokfailfailGRANT UPDATE on table to user list. No run-time checking.
652skipokokfailokfailokfailfailGRANT INDEX on table to user list. No run-time checking.
653skipokokfailokfailokfailfailGRANT ALTER on table to user list. No run-time checking.
654skipokokfailokokokokokGRANT on table will full name.
655skipokokfailokfailokfailfailComplex GRANT on table. No run-time checking.
656skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailREVOKE ... FROM PUBLIC database statement. No run-time checking.
657skipokokskipokokokokokREVOKE ... from user list. No run-time checking.
658skipokokskipokfailskipokfailREVOKE on table from PUBLIC database statement. No run-time checking.
659skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailREVOKE on table from user list. No run-time checking.
660skipokokskipokokokokokREVOKE INSERT on table. No run-time checking.
661skipokokskipokokokokokREVOKE DELETE on table. No run-time checking.
662skipokokskipokokokokokREVOKE SELECT on table. No run-time checking.
663skipokokskipokokokokokREVOKE UPDATE on table. No run-time checking.
664skipokokskipokokokokokREVOKE INDEX on table. No run-time checking.
665skipokokskipokokokokokREVOKE ALTER on table. No run-time checking.
666skipokokokokfailokfailfailGRANT SELECT in all variants. No run-time checking.
667skipokokfailokfailokfailfailGRANT on table with GRANT OPTION. No run-time checking.
668skipokokfailokfailokfailfailGRANT on table AS GRANTOR No run-time checking.
669skipokokskipokokokokokREVOKE on table with full names.
670skipokokskipokokskipfailokINSERT with all (Informix) data types. No run-time checking. Need minimum version 7.31 of Ifx to work with -ifx-p
671notdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdoneUPDATE with all (Informix) database data types. No run-time checking. TEST IS INVALID (<)
672notdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdoneDELETE with all (Informix) data types. No run-time checking. TEST IS INVALID (<)
673notdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdonenotdoneSELECT with (Informix) data types. No run-time checking. TEST IS INVALID (<)
674notdoneskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMIssing test files
675skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailUPDATE SYNONYM No run-time checking.
676skipokokskipokfailskipfailokUPDATE on VIEW No run-time checking.
677skipokokokokokokokokUPDATE on multi-table VIEW. No run-time checking.
678skipokokokokfailokfailfailUPDATE with Informic-style SET syntax (column=value) No run-time checking.
679skipokokokokfailokfailfailUPDATE with Informix-style SET syntax (multiple columns/values) No run-time checking.
680skipokokokokfailokfailfailUPDATE with dot-star notation (Informix syntax) No run-time checking.
681skipokokokokfailokfailfailUPDATE with constants in SET clause (Informix syntax) No run-time checking.
682skipokokokfailfailokfailfailUPDATE with expresion in SET and column list (Informix syntax) No run-time checking.
683skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailUPDATE with function calls in expresion (Informix syntax) No run-time checking.
684skipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMissing test files - test invalid Please provide brief description of functionality tested here.
685skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailUPDATE with variables in SET clause (Informix syntax). No run-tiem checking.
686skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailUPDATE with SET sub-expression (Informix syntax) No run-time checking.
687skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailUPDATE ... SET with UNITS. No run-time checking.
689skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailUPDATE VIEW with Informix-style SET. No run-time checking.
690skipokokokokokokokokUPDATE ... SET one column (ANSI SQL 92 standard syntax). No run-time checking.
691skipokokokokokokokokUPDATE SET columns (ANSI SQL 92 syntax). No run-time checking.
692skipokokokokokokfailfailUPDATE standard SET with SQL expression. No run-time checking.
693skipokokokokfailokokokUPDATE SET with SELECT (std ANSI SQL 92 syntax) No run-time checking.
694skipokokskipokokskipokokUPDATE SET with variable (std ANSI SQL 92 syntax) No run-time checking.
695skipokokokokfailokfailfailUPDATE SET WHERE CURRENT OF (std. syntax) No run-time checking.
696skipokokokokfailokfailfailUPDATE with THRU syntax. No run-time checking.
697skipokokokokfailokokokComplex UPDATE. No run-time checking.
698skipokokskipokfailskipfailokINSERT into VIEW. No run-time checking.
699skipokokokokokokokokINSERT on multi-table view. No run-time checking.
700skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailINSERT on synonym. NO run-time checking.
701skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailUPDATE SET with sub-expression (std syntax). No run-time checking.
702skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailUPDATE SET with function call in expression (std syntax). No run-time checking.
703skipokokskipokokskipokokUPDATE SET with variable (std syntax) No run-time checking.
704skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailUPDATE SET with sub-expression (std syntax). No run-time checking.
705skipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipUPDATE SET units (std syntax). No run-time checking.
706skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailSelect with constants and expresions, all combinations. Informix specific syntax.
710skipokokskipokokokokokINSERT witl fully qualified table names.
711skipokokskipokfailskipfailokDELETE from view. No run-time checking.
712skipokokokokokokokokDELETE on multi-table view. No run-time checking.
713skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailDELETE on synonym. No run-time checking.
714skipokokskipokokokokokDELETE with fully qualified table names.
715skipokokokokokokokokSimple SELECT test.
716skipokokokokokfailokokSELECT several columns.
717skipokokokokokfailokokSELECT ALL.
718skipokokokokokfailokokSELECT DISTINCT
719skipokokokokokfailokokSELECT AS
720skipokokokokokokokokSELECT with quoted strings.
721skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailCheck if column expressions is correctly fetched.
722skipokokokokokokokokSELECT with expresion. Informix SQL dialect (<).
723skipokokokokokokokokCheck if select with substring fecth the correct values.
724skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailCheck if a select with \< fetch all correct values.
725skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailCheck if a select with \< fetch all correct values.
726skipokokokokokokokfailCheck if a select with over two tables fetch the correct values.
727skipokokokokokokokokCheck if a select with over two tables fetch the correct values AS ALIAS.
728skipokokskipokfailskipokfailCheck if a select with over two tables with outer fetch the correct values.
729skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailCheck if a select with over two tables with two outer fetch the correct values.
730skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailCheck if a select with over two tables with two outer fetch the correct values.
731skipokokokokokfailokokSELECT with named ORDER BY.
732skipokokokokokfailokokSELECT with numbered ORDER BY
733skipokokokokokfailokokSELECT with DEC and ASC ORDER BY clause
734skipokokskipokokskipokokSELECT with complex ORDER BY.
735skipokokokokokokokokCheck if a named group by fetches the correct values. .
736skipokokokokokokokokCheck if a numbered group by fetches the correct values.
737skipokokokokokokokokCheck if a numbered group by fetches the correct values. Mixed GROUP BY.
738skipokokokokokfailokokCheck if a select into temp insert the correct values and then they are correctly fetched.
739skipokokskipokfailskipfailokselect into temp with no log..
740skipokokokokokokokokCheck if a select with a join between two tables fetch the correct values.
741skipokokokokokfailokokCheck if a simple select with a NOT condition fetch the correct values.
742skipokokokokokfailokokCheck if a simple select with a simple comparison condition fetch the correct values.
743skipokokokokokfailokokCheck if a simple select with a IN subquery in where condition fetch the correct values.
744skipokokokokfailfailokokCheck if a simple select with a EXISTS subquery in where condition fetch the correct values
745skipokokokokfailfailokokCheck if a simple select with ALL subquery in where condition fetch the correct values.
746skipokokokokokfailokokCheck if a simple select with between in where condition fetch the correct values.
747skipokokokokokfailokokCheck if a simple select with IN expression (not subquery) in where condition fetch the correct values
748skipokokokokokfailokokCheck if a simple select wth IN expression (not subquery) in where condition fetch the correct values.
749skipokokokokokfailokokCheck if a simple select with LIKE in where condition fetch the correct values.
750skipokokokokfailfailokokCheck if a simple select with MATCHES in where condition fetch the correct values
751skipokokokokfailfailokfailCheck if a simple select with MATCHES in where condition using a variable fetch the correct values.
752skipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipCheck if units on select list return the correct values.
753skipokokokokokfailfailfailCheck if a simple select that uses the rowid fetch the correct values values
754skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailCheck if a simple select with LIKE and characters escaped in where condition fetch the correct values
755skipokokokokokfailokokCheck if a simple select with < operatoor on where condition fetch the correct values.
756skipokokokokokfailokokCheck if a simple select with > operator on where condition fetch the correct values
757skipokokokokokfailokokCheck if a simple select with <= operatoor on where condition fetch the correct values
758skipokokokokokfailokokCheck if a simple select with LIKE in where condition using a variable fetch the correct values.
759skipokokokokokokokokCheck if a simple select with GREATER or equal the in where condition fetch the correct values.
760skipokokskipokokskipokokCheck if a simple select with diferent the in where condition fetch the correct values
761skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailCheck if a simple select with MATCHES and characters escaped in where condition fetch the correct values.
762skipokokskipokokskipokokCheck if a simple select with AND in where condition fetch the correct values.
763skipokokokokokfailokokCheck if a simple select with OR in where condition fetch the correct values.
764skipokokokokfailfailokfailCheck if a simple select with LIKE in where condition using a variable fetch the correct values.
765skipokokokokokokokokTest a select from a column to a smaller variable
766failskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTests to exemplify the behaviour of cursor location with aubit and standard 4gl.
767failskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTesting if the values returned by fgl_keyval is equal to the values of informix.
768skipokokokokfailfailokokCheck if a simple select with ANY subquery in where condition fetch the correct values.
769skipokokokokfailfailokokCheck if a simple select with SOME subquery in where condition fetch the correct values
770skipokokokokokfailokokCheck if a simple select with NOT IN expression (not subquery) in where condition fetch the correct values.
771skipokokokokokokokokCheck if a select without a join between two tables fetch the correct cartesian product.
772skipokokokokokfailokokCheck if a simple select with NOT BETWEEN in where condition fetch the correct values.
773skipokokokokokokokokCheck if a simple select with IS NULL in where condition using a variable fetch the correct values.
774skipokokokokokfailokokCheck if a simple select with NOT LIKE in where condition using a variable fetch the correct values.
775skipokokokokfailfailokokCheck if a simple select with NOT MATCHES in where condition fetch the correct values.
776skipokokokokfailfailokfailCheck if a simple select with LIKE in where condition using a variable fetch the correct values.
778skipokokokokokokokokCheck if a simple select with COUNT(<) in select list fetch the correct values.
779skipokokokokokokokokCheck if a simple select with AVG in select list fetch the correct values..
780skipokokokokokokokokCheck if a simple select with MAX in select list fetch the correct values.
781skipokokokokokokokokCheck if a simple select with MIN in select list fetch the correct values.
782skipokokokokokokokokCheck if a simple select with SUM in select list fetch the correct values.
783skipokokokokfailokokokCheck if a simple select with COUNT distinct in select list fetch the correct values.
784skipokokokokfailokokokCheck if a simple select with MAX(ALL) in select list fetch the correct values.
785skipokokokokfailokokokCheck if a simple select with AVG(ALL) in select list fetch the correct values.
786skipokokokokfailokokokCheck if a simple select with MIN(ALL) in select list fetch the correct values.
787skipokokokokfailokokokCheck if a simple select with SUM ALL in select list fetch the correct values.
788skipokokokokokokokokCheck if a simple select with HAVING condition using a variable fetch the correct values.
789skipokokokokokfailokokCheck with UNION in where condition fetch the correct values.
790skipokokokokokfailokokCheck with UNION ALL in where condition fetch the correct values.
791skipokokokokokokokfailCheck if a ROLLBACK WORK works ok.
792skipokokokokokfailokokCheck if the commit work statement after a transaction work
793skipokskipskipokokokokokCheck if the create audit statement works. Note that this statement only works on Informix SE
794skipokskipskipokokokokokCheck if the drop audit statement works. Note that this statement only works on Informix SE
795skipokskipskipokokokokokCheck if the RECOVER TABLE statement works Note that this statement only works on Informix SE.
796skipokskipskipokokokokokCheck if the ROLLFORWARD DATABASE statement works. Note that this statement only works on Informix SE.
797skipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipCheck if the SET CONSTRAINTS ALL IMEDIATE statement works
798skipokokokokokokfailfailCheck if a simple select with rowid in select list fetch the correct values.
800okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis test tests if the compiler accepts the EXECUTE IMMEDIATE keyword.
801okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis test checks if VARCHAR is handled OK
802okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis tests check if construct works with a varchar
803okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTesting DISPLAY ... ATTRIBUTE(variable) Syntax
900okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the sqlca.sqlcode is assigned with an obvious sql error.
901skipokokokokokokokokTest if the sqlca.sqlcode is assigned with NOTFOUND sql error.
902skipokokskipokokskipokfailTest if the sqlca.sqlerrm is assigned with an obvious sql error.
903okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the sqlca.sqlerrm is assigned with an obvious sql error.
904skipokokskipokokskipfailokTest if the sqlca.sqlerrd[1] is assigned with NOTFOUND sql error.
905skipokokskipfailfailskipfailokTest if the sqlca.sqlerrd[2] is assigned with last serial inserted.
906skipokokskipokokskipokfailTest if the sqlca.sqlerrd[2] is assigned with the ISAM error with a lock
907skipokokokokokokokokTest if the sqlca.sqlerrd[3] is assigned with the number of rows inserted updated and deleted.
908skipokokskipfailfailskipfailfailTest if the sqlca.sqlerrd[4] is assigned with the estimated cost of query.
909skipokokskipfailfailskipfailfailTest if the sqlca.sqlerrd[5] is assigned with the offset of an error in an wrong sql statement.
910skipokokokfailfailfailokfailTest if the sqlca.sqlerrd[6] is assigned with last rowid inserted.
911skipokokokokfailokfailokTest if the sqlca.sqlarn[1] is assigned with a W
912skipokokokfailfailfailfailfailTest if the sqlca.sqlarn[2] is assigned with a W after a truncation in a select.
913skipokokfailfailfailfailokokTest if the sqlca.sqlarn[2] is assigned with a W after using a database without transactions.
914skipokokskipfailfailskipfailfailTest if the sqlca.sqlawarn[3] is assigned with a W after a null in an agregate function of a select.
915skipokokskipokokskipfailokTest if the sqlca.sqlawarn[4] is assigned with a W after a select with more on a select list then on into
916skipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the sqlca.sqlawarn[5] is assigned with a W after a select from a float to a decimal.
917skipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the sqlca.sqlawarn[6] is assigned with a W after an update with non ansi syntax.
918skipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest 918 for deccvasc
919skipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if a char conversion to decimal with c function works ok
921skipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if a decimal conversion to int with c function works ok
922skipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if a long conversion to decimal with c function works ok
923skipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if a decimal conversion to long with c function works ok
924skipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if a float conversion to decimal with c function works ok
925skipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if a decimal conversion to float with c function works ok
926skipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if a double conversion to decimal with c function works ok
936skipskipskipskipskipfailskipfailfailTest if the SET LOG 4gl statement works OK
937skipokskipskipokokokokokTest if the START DATABASE 4gl statement works OK. Note - This test only works with SE engine
948skipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the stack function(s) for interval(s) works.
956skipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the fglstart function works ok
960okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest the character variable limits
961okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest the date variable limits
962failskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest the decimal variable limits.
963okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest the smallfloat variable limits
964skipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest the float variable limits
965okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest the integer variable limits.
966skipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest the MONEY variable limits
967okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest the SMALLINT variable limits
968okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest the variable length character variable limits
970okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest the datetime variable limits
971okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest the interval variable limits
973okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from char to another char works
974okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from char to a varchar work
975okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from char to a INTEGER work
976okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from char to a smallint work
977okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from char to a float work
978okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from char to a SMALLFLOAT work
979okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from char to a decimal work
980okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from char to a money work
981okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest the conversion from CHAR to DATE
982okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest the conversion from char(s) to datetime(s)
983okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest the conversion from char to interval works.
984okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from a varchar to a char work
985okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from a varchar to a varchar work
986okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from varchar to an integer work
987okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from varchar to a smallint work
988okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from varchar to a float work
989okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from varchar to a SMALLFLOAT work.
990okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from varchar to a decimal work
991okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from varchar to a money work
992okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest the conversion from VARCHAR to DATE
993okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest the conversion from varchar(s) to datetime(s).
994okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest the conversion from varchar to interval works
995okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from INTEGER to a char work
996okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from INTEGER to a varchar work
997okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from INTEGER to a FLOAT work
998okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from INTEGER to a FLOAT work
999okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from INTEGER to a DECIAL work
1000okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from INTEGER to a MONEY work
1001okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from an integer to a date works
1002okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from SMALLINT to a char work
1003okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from SMALLINT to a varchar work
1004okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from SMALLINT to INTEGER work
1005okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from SMALLINT to FLOAT work
1006okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from SMALLINT to SMALLFLOAT work
1007okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if the conversion from SMALLINT to DECIMAL work
1008okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest if Portguese Characters are correctly displayed.
1009skipokokfailokfailokfailfailcursor for update declared twice that second thime thinks it does not exist
1060skipokokfailokokfailokokTesting a way to pass values between shell and 4gl using a temporary file.
1200skipokokfailokokokokfailThis is a fairly comprehensive declare/open test for input/output binding
1201skipokokfailokokokokokTest behavious of status variable. No run-time checking
1202okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipinfield() in ON KEY/INPUT BY NAME. Test is invalid - missing form file and
1203okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTests if finished an already finished report causes a core dump
1204okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipCheck the clear line in a display
1205okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskippassing null strings to a function
1206skipskipskipfailskipfailokokokord() server-side function in SELECT and UPDATE SQL statements
1207okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTests conversion from/to money/smallint (MID 639)
1208skipokokokokokokokokSimple unload test for MID 591 Note that for this test to work, in most cases, the database engine needs to have sufficient privileges to write to the test directory
1209okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskiplineno in context of REPORT block
1210skipokokokokokfailokokhandling of -ve decimal numbers
1211skipokokskipokokskipokokThis checks a reports output can be set within the report
1212okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis is a quick test of next key next
1213okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipReport test
1214okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipReport test
1215okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipReport test
1217okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTests some comparsons on dates using string literals
1218okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskip'units day' calculations and mdy() assignments
1219okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis is a test of several issues - mid 655 656 657
1220skipokokskipfailokskipokfailTests the SQL drivers ability to select fewer or more columns than variables
1221skipokokfailokokokokokTests empty foreach loops (bug reported by James Scott)
1222okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest of using a 0 in a numeric field on a construct
1223skipokokskipokokskipokokafter group clauses where there is no every row
1224okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMID 663 - ensure that the number of function parameters is checked
1225okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipBrief test of the implementation of PRINT FILE
1226okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis tests passing NULL values to DAY, MONTH, YEAR and MDY functions
1227skipokokokokokokokokMID 666
1228skipokokokokokfailokokMID 661 Note that for this test to work, in most cases, the database engine needs to have sufficient privileges to write to the test directory
1229okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMID 672 - spaces at the start if a PICTURE
1230okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMID 670 construct on date field (part 1)
1231okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMID 670 construct on date field (part 1)
1232okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMID 669 - construct on DECIMAL field
1233okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMID 676 : Extra spaces in print date and print sum where
1234okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis tests the setting of a portion of a string with a null value
1235okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTests using numbers for form colours...
1236skipokokokokokokokokTest for MID 677 - construct it is not allowing criteria mark as noentry in a form
1237okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipmatch, is null and length test on a variable
1238okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMID 676 : Extra spaces in print date and print sum where .. for MDY2/
1239okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest of interval/character string math that was causing problems
1240skipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipBasic exercising of string types
1241skipokokokokokokokokKeyword 'user' test
1242okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipBasic testing of libfile directory functions
1243okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipsome basic testing on libfile filehandling functionality
1244okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMESSAGE LINE, PROPMPT LINE and DISPLAY AT positioning
1245skipokokokokokfailokokNULL in DATE
1246skipokokokokokokokfailTests a rollback work
1247okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipAssigning decimal variable by division
1248skipokokokokokfailokfailTests rolling back - mid 717
1249skipokokokokfailfailokfailDate tests of some sort
1250skipokokokokokfailokokThis is a test provided by Miguel Caldera which demonstates some corruption
1251skipokokskipokfailskipokokdate handling , mid 720
1252skipokokokokokokokokYes another report test , mid 721 (varchars)
1253skipokokokokokokokokTests a bug using consecutive constructs not blanking the field properly
1254failskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTests use of a dynamic field
1255okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskiptests start report to expression
1256skipokokskipokokskipokokLOAD FROM from test. Uses FILESCHEMA as database type when compiling
1257skipokokokokokokokfailThis tests for a core dump when using a specific unload routine, known to fail on some platforms (they should remove the #define KAGEL_UNLOAD from lib/libsql/esqlc/ if set)
1258skipokokokokokokokokThis tests the summation of nulls within a report
1259okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis is a test for fgl_getenv returning null when an environment variable is not set
1260okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipVISUAL TEST checks to see if a terminal can change colours..
1261okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipEscape characters in form file
1262skipokokfailokokokokokChecks sqlerrd[3] is set after a LOAD
1263skipokokokokokokokokTest sqlerrd[3] is set after a fetch
1264skipokokokokokokokokAnother test for sqlerrd[3] not being set for a fetch
1265skipokokfailfailokokokokChecks the value of variables after a fetch with too few columns in the select
1266okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTests the ability to generate a pdf report
1267okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipReport TOP OF PAGE test maybe<
1268okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTests implementation of TOP OF PAGE
1269okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTests implementation of TOP OF PAGE
1270okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTests implementation of top of page
1271okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis ensures caseinsensitivity on HIDE OPTION/SHOW OPTION
1272okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipNewline and MATCHES in string
1273skipokokokokokokokfailTests selecting into from a union'd statement with no cursor
1274skipokokfailokfailokfailfailVarious DATETIME variants inserted
1275okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDISPLAY in loops
1276okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis tests iterations within a for loop
1277okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipExpression testing at the top of a 'while'
1278okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest for setting default in a form
1279okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipCheck on passing a record to a function
1280okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest for include=(' ')
1281okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipchannel::read/channel::write test
1282okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTests order by using varchar , MID 764
1283okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipINITIALIZE elements of the record
1284okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest of BEFORE INSERT with an input array
1285okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipPostgres issue with BEGIN WORK and the implicit CLOSE used with a foreach
1286okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipON KEY inside of the INPU BY NAME
1287okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest of BEFORE INSERT with an input array
1288okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipINPUT BY NAME
1289okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDISPLAY and NULL - no checking performed
1290okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTests the clearing of a field before entry for a simple numeric field
1291okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskiptests a having with no group by
1292okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDATETIME YEAR TO SECOND assigned CURRENT
1293okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTests of some dates with interactions with the database
1294okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTest decimal with no scale
1295skipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipPROMPT - no checking and missing form file
1296okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTests rounding of decimal places on a form
1297okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipQuick check that compiler compiles variables for attributes
1298okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMantis bug 790 , comment line misplaced
1299okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMore testing of comment line, default is different for a window and SCREEN
1300skipokokokokokokokokCREATE TABLE with PRIMARY KEY clause. No run-time checking. NOTE: fails with -ifx-p.
1301skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailCREATE TABLE with DEFAULT clause. No run-time checking. NOTE: fails with -ifx-p.
1302skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailUPDATE with constants in SET clause (Informix syntax) No run-time checking.
1303skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailUPDATE with expresion in SET and column list (Informix syntax) No run-time checking.
1304skipokokskipokfailskipfailfailCheck if a simple select with GREATER or equal the in where condition fetch the correct values.
1305skipokokskipfailfailskipokokNull string date/datetime checking
1400okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipSubstring checking
1401okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipcheck comma in decimal (may not work with informix)
1402okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipCONSTRUCT BY NAME and MESSAGE
1403okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis tests the resetting of arr_count between input array and display array calls
1404okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis checks the resetting of arr_count between input array and display array calls
1405okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThis is a check for error recovery with SQL errors
1406skipokokskipokfailskipokokChecks the usage of a blank string in an SQL statement , basically making sure it not treated as null
1407okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipINITIALIZE CLIPPED and NULL
1408skipokokokokokokokokDECLARE CURSOR and FOREACH ... INTO
1409okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipEnsure menu options can only be selected when not hidden , MID 820
1410failskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskiptest wordwrap - MID 755
1411skipokokokokokokokfailWhen using substring in a column with alias, the table alias is removed and an ambigous column error may be thrown
1412okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTests broken case statement
1413skipokokfailokfailfailfailfailExample logical report layout testing
1414skipokokokokokokokokSelect smallint into char
1415skipokokokokokokokfailBUGFIX:cant substr if @ in fieldname
1416skipokokokokokfailokokTests order by desc within a report
1417skipokokokokokfailokokTests report order by
1418skipokokfailokokfailokokTests using datetimes in a report
1419skipokokokokokokokokTests running a report several times
1420skipokokokokokfailokokreport linenumber test
1421skipokokokokokfailokokAnother report test
1422okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTests returning into a substring of a variable
1424okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipTests setting an environment variable using the aclfgl_setenv function
1425okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipChannel library test
1426okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipChannel test
1437okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipprinting null values in report
1438okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipprinting null substrings in report
1439okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskip0000898: no-printable ascii corrupt column position
1441okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskip0000900: division by zero -> Floating point exception
1442okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskip880: display decimal field to smaller field in form, omit decimal part
1443okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskip918: include statement in form ignored
1444okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskip862: input 'without defaults' is clipping the program array fields
1445okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskip924: construct blanking
1446okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskip923: report length not breaking correctly
1447okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskip931: bad bad looping problem
1448okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskip929: comparison between (current hour to min) and string
1449okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskip930: using hour to minute in if statement
1450okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskip936: a report affected by the output section of the previous report
1451okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskip949: window name limitation
1452okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskip962: construct statement weirdness
1600skipokokokokokfailokokDo some ordering, before/after group with null values. Mantis bug 902.
1601okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipCheck USING formating with (((#)) mask. Mantis bug 901.
1602okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipConversion from bad string to integer works fine, to smallinteger aborts, mantis bug 904
1603okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipPrinting extended ascii (128-255) miscalculte column. mantis bug 905.
1604okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipDo some calculation, check rounding problems.
1605okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipCompile test selecting byte field, mantis bug 906.
1606okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipInterval variable as a report parameter with order by -> syntax error, mantis bug 907
1607okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipFunny run-time error, input array fails with EC and works fine with C.
1608failskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipUse of tab and arrow keys during multi line field, mantis bug 909 (related 755).
1609skipokokokokokokokokLoad of text file without END OF LINE (EOL) fails, mantis bug 912.
1610skipokokfailfailokokokokSelecting varchar return string padded with spaces up to the maximun length, mantis bug 915.
1611okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskiperror concatenating subtrings, mantis bug 916.
1612okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipinput without defaults, bad editing if smallint and after smallint field. mantis bug 917
1613okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipAssertion failed mdy() with year argument = 0. MID 921
1614okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipMemory corruption, print varchar (with define lilke) wordwrap in after group.
1615okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipset_count() of a display is ignored if inside an input array. MID 926.
1616okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipsegmentation fault, construct numeric field and type char. MID 927.
1617skipokokokfailokfailokokbegin/commit work inside a report, end prematurly. MID 932.
1618okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskippageno is not updated as in I-4GL(tm), problem in before group. MID 934.
1619okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipconstruct, range of integers ':' nor '..' working. MID 938.
1620okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipwordwrap of long_text_without_spaces print only last line. MID 939.
1621okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskiplineno contains last line printed of previous page after new page, I-4gl contains zero. MID 940.
1622skipokokokokokokokfailSQL with mulitply money field, not all decimals considered. MID 941.
1623okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipGarbage if accessing varchar beyond size. MID 942.
1624okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipAscii 0 can not be printed in a report. Please describe here.
1625okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipThe scale exceeds the maximum precision specified.. MID 953.
1626okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipmoving around fields (without editing), destroy full length content if display width is smaller tan content
1627okskipskipskipskipskipskipskipskipWith two inputs arrays, the arr_count() of the second takes the value of the first
485 OK
7 Fail
463 Skip
98% OK
404 OK
559 Skip
100% OK
399 OK
564 Skip
100% OK
254 OK
28 Fail
681 Skip
90% OK
380 OK
21 Fail
562 Skip
94% OK
275 OK
126 Fail
562 Skip
68% OK
236 OK
74 Fail
653 Skip
76% OK
306 OK
100 Fail
557 Skip
75% OK
292 OK
114 Fail
557 Skip
71% OK