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Test NoDescription
76skipokokfailokokfailokokBasic DB exercising of Datetimes
551skipokokfailokfailokfailokSimple ALTER TABLE. No run-time checking.
620skipokokfailokfailokfailfailDELETE with WHERE CURRENT OF clause. No run-time checking.
621skipokokfailokfailokokokDELETE with sub-query No run-time checking.
622skipokokfailokfailokokokDELETE with EXISTS sub-query. No run-time checking.
623skipokokfailokfailokfailokDELETE ... WHERE ALL/SOME/ANY. No run-time checking.
624skipokokfailokokokokokDELETE with IS NOT NULL. No run-time checking.
645skipokokfailokfailokfailfailGRANT TO ... PUBLIC database statement. No run-time checking.
646skipokokfailokfailokfailfailGRANT ... TO user database statement. No run-time checking.
652skipokokfailokfailokfailfailGRANT INDEX on table to user list. No run-time checking.
653skipokokfailokfailokfailfailGRANT ALTER on table to user list. No run-time checking.
654skipokokfailokokokokokGRANT on table will full name.
655skipokokfailokfailokfailfailComplex GRANT on table. No run-time checking.
667skipokokfailokfailokfailfailGRANT on table with GRANT OPTION. No run-time checking.
668skipokokfailokfailokfailfailGRANT on table AS GRANTOR No run-time checking.
913skipokokfailfailfailfailokokTest if the sqlca.sqlarn[2] is assigned with a W after using a database without transactions.
1009skipokokfailokfailokfailfailcursor for update declared twice that second thime thinks it does not exist
1060skipokokfailokokfailokokTesting a way to pass values between shell and 4gl using a temporary file.
1200skipokokfailokokokokfailThis is a fairly comprehensive declare/open test for input/output binding
1201skipokokfailokokokokokTest behavious of status variable. No run-time checking
1206skipskipskipfailskipfailokokokord() server-side function in SELECT and UPDATE SQL statements
1221skipokokfailokokokokokTests empty foreach loops (bug reported by James Scott)
1262skipokokfailokokokokokChecks sqlerrd[3] is set after a LOAD
1265skipokokfailfailokokokokChecks the value of variables after a fetch with too few columns in the select
1274skipokokfailokfailokfailfailVarious DATETIME variants inserted
1413skipokokfailokfailfailfailfailExample logical report layout testing
1418skipokokfailokokfailokokTests using datetimes in a report
1610skipokokfailfailokokokokSelecting varchar return string padded with spaces up to the maximun length, mantis bug 915.
485 OK
7 Fail
463 Skip
98% OK
404 OK
559 Skip
100% OK
399 OK
564 Skip
100% OK
254 OK
28 Fail
681 Skip
90% OK
380 OK
21 Fail
562 Skip
94% OK
275 OK
126 Fail
562 Skip
68% OK
236 OK
74 Fail
653 Skip
76% OK
306 OK
100 Fail
557 Skip
75% OK
292 OK
114 Fail
557 Skip
71% OK