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Last updated on 25/06/2005, by Andrej Falout

This page attempts to keep track on progress of various Aubit compiler functionality and components, and quantify there maturity. It's main goal is to help set appropriate level of expectations for the end user, and at the same time provide a common place of reference for developers. As it catalogues all components of the project, it may also serve as a good starting point for exploration, both end users and developers. For folks that prefer bullets to sentences (and therefore probably are not reading this anyway):

Purpose of this page:

Aubit compiler is a work in progress, and by the very nature of OpenSource development process, it will remain in such state for foreseeable future. This means that some components may be fully production ready and extensively tested, but some other may be not much more then a prototype. For readers unfamiliar with OpenSource software, this is common, if not universal occurrence. Same is true for most commercial software products, it is just that end user rarely has the chance to see any parts of internal, proprietary development process.

Thanks to the fully modular architecture of Aubit compiler, where practically all functionality is implemented in a form of plug-ins, this varying status levels do not have to be a cause for concern, but has to be understood. Additionally, Aubit provides a full automated regression tests suite of over 800 tests, so it is easy for user to verify functionality of all components (or only components developer wants to use) on every Aubit release, in less then 30 minutes.


All components of Aubit project

Name Description Current maintainer Source code location (from CVS root) Status Work needed Notes
Aubit4GL Compiler Contains x4GL programming language compiler(s) , run-time libraries, and tools Various aubit4glsrc see todo list Overall status is an estimate of maturity of most commonly used components.
Aubit project web site Pages and files that make Aubit project web site Andrej Falout aubit4glwww To be migrated into CMS framework in next few weeks by Andrej New web site priorities:

* CMS based
* Wiki
* FAQ management
* Downloads management
* Web discussion ONLY if it has transparent gateway to the mailing list
* Articles management
* News management
* Enables easy migration to other CMS if needed
* Will work on SF server

adbschema Replacement for Informix dbschema. Re-creates SQL statements needed to re-create an existing database. Also creates schema files for "schema-in-file" plug-in and can help in porting database data by creating data export-import scripts Mike Aubury aubit4glsrc/tools/adbschema    
Miscellaneous General tools, written in, or for 4GL Various aubit4glsrc/tools   A catchall project for things that don't fit anywhere else
x4GL programming language reference Documents syntax of x4GL programming language Andrej Falout aubit4gldoc/4glreference Add SQL syntax as per Informix dialect; add Aubit and other extensions; convert current format (HTML) into DocBook Currently contains only 4GL statements, and NOT any SQL statements and related information. It provides almost exclusively only base I-4GL syntax, and does not document Aubit, 4JS or any other language extensions
Aubit4GL Compiler Documentation Contains Aubit 4GL compiler manual and other documentation John O'Gorman aubit4gldoc/manual Re-format, re-write significant parts, update, complete missing chapters, create PDF and set-up online HTML version with reader comment functionality (ala PHP manual). Add source to CVS

Project Plan and Quick Start documents need to be written; clean up docs on SF doc. manager
Manual is currently being rewritten by John O'Gorman. Work in progress can be found here
pcode PCODE version Mike Aubury aubit4glsrc/compilers/pcode    
ace Aubit ACE compatible compiler Mike Aubury aubit4glsrc/compilers/ace    
4GLworks 4GL application framework; Message driven, Object oriented, written in 4GL Marco Greco (?) appframework Use amake to compile to enable compilation with all x4GL compilers Manual is in aubit4gldoc/4glworks-manual. Also see Marco's site
x4GL libraries repository Collections of generally useful and reusable libraries of functions fort use in x4GL programs Andrej Falout lib4gl Use amake to compile to enable compilation with all x4GL compilers See Sub-projects.

Note: most makefiles are currently i-4gl only; code itself should work with any x4GL compiler
Doc4GL x4GL and database documentation tools originally written by Sergio Ferreira Andrej Falout doc4gl Use amake to compile to enable compilation with all x4GL compilers; complete automatic makefile generation testing on OneMaxx; enable database meta-data (data dictionary) input and maintenance via web interface notes
FGLBLD Jonathan Leffler's data driven application generator Andrej Falout gen4gl Use amake to compile, enabling compilation with all x4GL compilers i-4GL only makefiles. Manual in aubit4gldoc/fglbld-doc
Hy4GL Experimental 4GL compiler written by David Prieto Not maintained hy4gl None Not developed or supported - primarily of historic interest
x4GL regression tests Fully automated framework of regression tests for x4GL compilers MA AF aubit4gltest Expand Aubit features coverage Some documentation in aubit4gltest/docs folder.

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