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To date, major projects have been successfully completed for a number of high-profile clients including:

  • AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
  • BAe Systems
  • Central Science Laboratories
  • Volex Wiring Sytsems
  • Cassens Transport
  • St Vladimirs Orthodox Theological Seminary
  • Telemetry Consultants
  • Bouyant Upholstery
  • Ministy of Defence
 :: Past Projects
Here is just a sample of some of our past projects

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

Our Senior Unix Consultant transformed their near terrabyte Medical Image System, by incrementally migrating the system from an old optical jukebox to a state of the art RAID controlled disk array. Simultaniously reducing read times from minutes to fractions of a second whilst reducing backups from days down to a couple of hours.

We also developed a complete web-based application for the search, retrival and display of documents from another internal system. This involved the convertion Word, Wordperfect and TIFF image files directly into PDF documents. This combined with their associated meta-data enabled the construction of a modern, secure, searchable system.

Volex Wiring System

Complete development of The NPI (New Product Introduction) Intranet Database - a WEB based application designed to centralize all the aspects of the custom engineering of new products, including work-flow, email, component ordering, and introduction timing impact analyis, as well as tight integration with their existing MAX ERP package.

Telemetry Consultants

Complete development of many control based software projects. These generally encompass parsing lowlevel GPS related data from remote aircraft and generating signals to control antenna array in order to detect weaker audio and video signals being transmitted from them. The latest generation was designed around a Linux sub-system in order to ensure 24x7 operation.

Cassens Transport

Aubit Computing Ltd has developed numerous tools for Cassens to both aid in the migration of Informix database applications as well as increase the speed and efficiency of the development process. Cassens Transport has directly sponsored the development of the ASQL data query tool, as well as the Logical Reports within Aubit4GL.

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